The First International Conference of IASUR

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The First International Conference of IASUR
Theme: “Sustainable Society as Our Challenge”

Following the Agenda of the International Workshop in December 2012 at The University of Tokyo, Japan, e are going to establish an international alliance in order to form an international and interdisciplinary network connecting niversities and research institutions toward a solution to sustainable urbanization and regeneration based on the accumulated education and research achievements and experiences of universities in Asia and other regions.
This international conference that is going to be initiatively organized by the Organizing Committee for International Alliance for Sustainable Urbanization and Regeneration (IASUR) will be a memorable event to the launch of the new alliance as well as a remarkable opportunity to exchange the up-dated information and ideas.

The main theme of this conference is "Sustainable Society as Our Challenge".
We have to steer the directionality for sustainable urban regeneration or urbanization so that it is repositioned within the scope of, and the capacity for, urban and regional sustainability through a process of continuous international collaboration. We have great expectations that this new alliance will make a significant contribution in further developing and raising the academic status of research and education for the future of Asian cities and regions.
For further information, please see our website;

October 24 (Friday) Welcome Party
25(Saturday) Day 1: Opening Session, Keynote Speech, Presentation Sessions
26(Sunday) Day 2: Presentation Session, Closing Session
27(Monday) Optional Tour

Presenter: JPY10,000.-, Student:JPY5,000.-
Other Participants: Free (Participation Fee including Proceedings CD: JPY1,000.-)

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwano-ha
178-4 Wakashiba, Kashiwa-city, Chiba, 227-0871, Japan

Friday 24 October
18:00-20:00 Welcome Reception (at Oak Village Kashiwa-no-ha)

Saturday 25 October
8:30 Registration Opens
9:30-11:50 Opening Session
9:30-9:45  Welcome Address by Prof. Atsushi DEGUCHI (Chair of IASUR Conference Organization)
Prof. Nobuo TAKEDA (Dean, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, UTokyo)
9:45-10:15 Keynote Speech by Prof. Hidetoshi OHNO (Prof., UTokyo)
10:15-10:45 Keynote Speech by Prof. Zhenwei PENG (Prof., Tongji Univ.)
10:50 -11:50 Panel Discussion “Challenges toward Sustainable Society”
Prof. Kuang- Hui PENG (Taipei), Prof. Benito M. PACHECO (Philippines),
Dr.Niramon KULSRISOMBAT (Thailand), and Prof. Atsushi DEGUCHI (Japan)
11:50-13:00 Lunch Break
12:40-13:40 Poster Presentation
13:40-18:00 Afternoon Sessions: Oral Presentation
13:40-15:30 Session 1 / Session 2
15:30-15:50 Coffee Break
15:50-18:00 Session 3 / Session 4

Sunday 26 October
9:30 Registration Opens
10:00-11:55 Morning Sessions: Oral Presentation
10:00-11:55 Session 5 / Session 6
11:55-13:15 Lunch Break
13:15-16:50 Afternoon Sessions: Oral Presentation
13:15-14:25 Session 7 / Session 8
14:25-14:40 Coffee Break
14:40-16:50 Session 9 / Session 10
17:00-19:00 Closing Session
17:00-18:25 Panel Discussion “Looking Toward the Future of IASUR”
18:25-19:00 Closing Remarks (TBD)
19:00-21:00 Farewell Party and Award Announcement

Monday 27 October
Technical Tour (around 9:00 to 13:00) (OPTION, JPY2,000. )
Guided to UDCK, Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City and Suburban Development Site in Tokyo Metropolitan Area (TBD)

Official Sponsors:
The Kajima Foundation
Mitsuifudosan Co.,Ltd.
Under the Auspices of:
Architectural Institute of Japan
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
The City planning Institute of Japan
International Society of Habitat Engineering and Design
School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
     Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
  Urban Re-design Studies Unit, The University of Tokyo


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日本交通学会 70周年記念 国際シンポジウム
Transport Policy in a Sustainable Society

●主催:  日本交通学会
●日時:  2011年10月15日(土) 10:00~16:00 (9:30開場)
●場所:  神戸大学(六甲台第一キャンパス) 出光佐三記念六甲台講堂
  報告: ケネス・バトン 米ジョージ・メイソン大学教授
       クリス・ナッシュ 英リーズ大学教授
       山内 弘隆   一橋大学教授
       モデレーター 正司 健一 神戸大学副学長
       パネリスト  上記3名の報告者
●参加費: 1,000円 (日本交通学会会員は無料)

●詳細・お申込みは・・・ (10月5日までにお申込みください)

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