ASEA-SEC-4 投稿募集

ユーザー Takashi Hara の写真

第4回豪州東南アジア構造工学建設国際会議 原稿募集
会議名:The Fourth Australasia and South-East Asia Structural Engineering and Construction Conference
会場:University of Southern Queensland (ブリスベン・オーストラリア)
主催: University of Southern Queensland, Australia (Host), ISEC Society (Organize)
トピックス: (in alphabetical-order): All branches of structural and construction engineering; Architecture and Architectural
Engineering, Construction and Engineering Management, Construction Safety, Cost and Project Management, Disaster
Management, Education and Professional Ethics, Energy, Facilities and Asset Management, Hydraulics and Hydrology,
Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, Housing, Infrastructure, Law and Dispute Resolution, Materials, Pipelines,
Policies for Technology and National Development, Ports and Harbors, Procurement, Quality, Risk Analysis, Structures,
Sustainability, Water and Air, and more.

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